Mistress Iside

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My friend Mistress, and I know that our two personal slaves are well trained in ball busting and, therefore, we have decided to make them compete, to determine, once and for all, who is the best. And I want to do something different than usual and place the slaves back-to-back, so that they look in opposite directions and do not see each other; we tie the hands of one to those of the other, making their balance even more precarious: if one falls to the ground, it risks dragging the other down too. We begin to strike: a series of shots gradually stronger and then we exchange slaves. We continue like this, in a kind of cruel circle; we have no mercy, we want it to be a real challenge!! The blows are stronger and stronger and wrest groans of pain from the slaves who, however, resist. The suffering is great but neither of them wants to give up, it is a matter of pride. The kicks follow one another without solution of continuity and even my friend and I are amazed by their ability to take our d&adly blows. The area between their legs now has bruises that swell more and more; the pain is excruciating. We Mistresses begin to get tired, so we decide to make a last assaùlt with all our energy and, finally, one slave gives in and falls to the ground and, to my surprise, an instant later, the other one also falls to the ground. The challenge ended in a draw but it was certainly a memorable one, worthy of entering the Guinness Book of Records!!! PS : If you want to book a video request contact me..