Mistress Iside

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Today, my Mistress friend came to see me and we want to have some fun with our slaves by testing their skills in a ballbusting challenge. We have 4 slaves available, my friend personal slaves, already experts in ballbusting and 2 new ones, who said they were sure they could hold their own against them. We'll see! We have the slaves placed in a semicircle and begin the "de-balling" operation. My friend and I take turns hitting the slaves. I immediately see that my doubts are well founded: as soon as we increase the intensity of the blows, the two newbies immediately appear in difficulty. A stronger blow and the first falls to the ground, but manages to get up. But his fate is sealed, in the next round, a tremendous kick from my white boots knocks him out for good. Immediately afterwards, the same fate awaits the other rookie. Only the two personal slaves are still standing and they begin a ultimate challenge on who can resist the most. Neither of them wants to give up, despite the terrible blows that my friend and I inflict on them. Their resistance is truly heroic; they are willing to do anything so as not to disfigure in front of the other mistress!!!