Mistress Iside

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He doesn’t remember, he doesn’t know how it could happen... The fact is that I am very late and my nail file is no longer found. I have to do my manicure before to go out and I would also like to change the my nail polish color but all this distraction and incompetence is wasting my time. He still tries with a puzzled air the last desperate attempt to save him now from a certain punishment. However I have to hurry and for this reason I will use his body to file my beautiful nails and since I want a stiletto tip I will have to rub my nails with extreme energy to get exactly the result I want. Whenever a piece of leather wears out due to my vigorous scratching, I must immediately change the spot so to have intact skin under my nails effective for filing. I do it over and over but at some point I realize that this slave’s body is so scratched and worn that it’s actually impossible to use it again. Luckily, however, my manicure is almost complete, only a beautiful fire red nail polish is missing to give that extra touch and I would say that my outfit today is perfectly successful ...